Home Improvements That Can Devastate Your Budget

Home Improvements That Can Devastate Your Budget
Home Improvements That Can Devastate Your Budget

We all want to live in a more luxurious home. And sometimes we splash out when we’ve got a little extra cash on the things we want.

The problem, however, is that some home improvements go on costing us money. In other words, it’s expensive to have expensive home improvements.

Here are a few home improvement ideas that can devastate your budget.

Commercial Appliances


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For many people, installing commercial appliances seems like a splendid idea. Here are appliances that are specifically designed to take mountains of daily abuse. They’re the last word in reliability.

On top of that, they’re also supremely practical. A commercial fridge can store much more food than its domestic equivalent. And a commercial cooker has all the space you’ll ever need for hosting a large family gathering.

But there are some serious drawbacks. For one, these appliances tend to be hefty. Sometimes they’re 4 or 5 times heavier than their domestic equivalents. That means that getting them into your home can be a serious challenge.

But that’s not the only problem. Commercial appliances often have specific electrical requirements. Often they need a beefed up electricity support circuit to supply them with enough energy safely. So not only might you have to foot the bill for the appliance itself – which isn’t cheap – but you might also have to pay for the extra wiring. And that will most certainly be expensive.

Fixing Your Electricity And Plumbing


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In modern houses, the electricity and the plumbing are all managed out of sight. And for that, we’re very grateful.

The problem comes in, however, when work needs to be done on the circuits or the pipes. Then things get expensive. Taking out old circuitry and piping means cutting it out from dozens of feet of wall. It’s not just the cost of the materials installed within the wall; it’s the cost of repairing the wall itself.

In old houses, you may also find that wiring does not meet safety standards. Even if you didn’t intend to replace the wiring, it would need to be sorted out. And again this can lead to mounting costs.

Old homes can cost anywhere between $8,000 and $15,000 to rewire, depending on their size. But the job still needs doing because it is a fire risk. If things need addressing immediately call up the electrician emergency services.

Making Structural Changes

Opening up your kitchen to form a kitchen-diner might be the latest trend in home design, but it can wreck your budget. If you need to pull down a load-bearing wall, you can forget making a cheap conversion.

Load bearing walls are famously hard to work around. Pulling down a single wall can cost up to $5000. And that doesn’t include any of the expenses of actually installing any fixtures and fittings.


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The problem with revelations like these is that they challenge the integrity of the house. You’re not just rearranging furniture, you’re reengineering. That means you’ll have to consult architects and structural engineers. Unless you’ve got an excellent reason for pulling down a supporting wall, forget it.





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