Experience The Greatest Shows On Earth

Experience The Greatest Shows On Earth
Experience The Greatest Shows On Earth

Our planet is home to some of the most remarkable natural phenomena in the Universe. Forget Pluto, forget Mars. Forget – unless you’re Professor Stephen Hawking – the nature of the universe beyond the event horizon of a black hole. Earth is where it’s at. Thanks to our plush atmosphere and mild temperatures, the real action is concentrated right here. Our own little speck of blue is full of wonder.

The Great Barrier Reef

Stretching for nearly a thousands miles, this, the most diverse marine ecosystem on Earth, is something special. Corals are hard, stony stuff secreted by a type of marine life called coelenterates. It’s what makes their version of our skeleton.

Thanks to these little guys, we have gotten one of the great wonders of the natural world. They make such a good habitat that thousands of different marine species call them home. That includes the beloved clownfish made famous by the film Finding Nemo.

Now you can experience the wonder if the reef on a holiday of a lifetime. Imagine snorkelling and seeing a real-life Nemo, or swimming under a giant manta ray.


Source; freeimages.com

The Northern Lights

From the tropics to the arctic, the natural world is full of wonder. If an arctic break is more your sort of thing, or if you’ve ever wanted to gaze in awe at the greatest light show on Earth, nothing can compare to the aurora. These swirling patterns of blue, purple and green in the sky are caused by the solar wind. First the solar wind hits the Earth’s magnetic field. Then, the magnetic field funnels the charged particles towards the poles. This is good news, because once they hit the atmosphere we get a stunning light show we call the Northern Lights. You can have a look at what to expect at The Aurora Zone website.


Source: freeimages.com

Iguassu Falls

Perhaps you’ve not heard so much about this one, but it is something pretty spectacular. It’s not the waterfall with the greatest volume of water flowing over it, and neither is it the tallest. But these falls, comprising of some 275 individual falls over a distance of one and two-third miles, create a breathtaking scene. It’s essentially a lake, with an L-shaped chunk carved out of it. It means that the water in the lake steadily, and then rapidly converges on this single gully. If you’ve ever wanted to travel to Argentina, be sure to check this one out.


Source; freeimages.com

Grand Canyon

Whose bucket list is the Grand Canyon not on? This almost Martian landscape was formed over millions of years by water erosion when the region was wet. Again the Grand Canyon is not the longest in the world, but thanks to its stunning colour, and sheer size and diversity, it is the greatest.

It’s perfect for people with that spirit of exploration in their bones. Visitors have the option of trekking to various beauty spots and lookouts.

It’s also a photographer’s heaven. You can spend all day composing the perfect picture of its beautiful and imposing landscape and all night posting your pictures on facebook and Instagram.


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