DIY Spray Painted Mirror


My two cats are my children and I have no shame in admitting that. Pets are family members, and I cannot imagine my life without my two adorable cats! They need recognition too, so I wanted to make them a craft as a tribute. I found a cute saying. “Life without cats…I don’t think so.” I wanted to make a sign using this quote. I bought a mirror at The Dollar Tree, found some stickers, and got to work. I spray painted the mirror, with the stickers on it. When I removed the stickers, the mirror was shining through.

I instantly fell in love with this craft. It is so easy, is appealing, and unique. There are so many different ways you can make this and have fun with it! My favorite part about this, it only cost me $3.00, for the frame and stickers! This is definitely the cats meow!

What saying or quote would you put on your mirror?Supplies: Spray Paint, Mirror, and StickersApply the stickers to the mirror, making sure they are evenly spaced   Spray paint the mirror   Let dry Slowly remove the stickers

   I had to make a few touch ups, so I used craft paint to cover the exposed spacesI brushed the paint onto the mirror   My frame had gold trim, so I made it black by using a sharpie to cover the gold    I then hung up my mirror frame on the wall    My tribute to my cats!


  • Mirror (I bought mine at The Dollar Tree)
  • Letter Stickers (I found mine at Michael’s Craft Store)
  • Spray Paint (Your color of choice)

How To Make:

  1. Stick the stickers onto the mirror (Space out the letters before you stick, to make sure they are evenly spaced)
  2. Spray paint the mirror and let dry
  3. Carefully remove the stickers
  4. Touch up any letters with craft paint, if needed
  5. Hang up the mirror and admire!


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