1st 5k of 2013



I have been counting down the months until this day. My very 1st 5k race of 2013! I was fortunate enough to participate in 3 different 5k races last year. This year, I want to run more. I want to run a race every month until fall. Maybe I will have time for it, maybe not. But one thing is for certain. With each race I run, I want to be faster, run harder and win. 


For this specific 5k race, I already had the mentality that I was not even going to be able to participate. I unfortunately sprained my foot running outside. I have no idea how it happened, until I was done with my run (11miles). You can imagine how upset I was with that! I had to be off my foot for 4 weeks straight. This meant, barely walking on it, putting no pressure on it, icing it every night, taking motrin 24/7 and having it wrapped and braced. I wanted my foot to heal as fast as it could so I bit my tongue and took the right steps to having it get better. It was so hard! Especially when I could feel my foot getting better. I never got discouraged and prayed and had hope I would be ok. So I honestly told myself I might not be able to run this 5k. I was sad, but knew if I couldn’t, then it wasn’t meant to be. 2 weeks before the race, I decided to try running. My foot was still sore but felt strong enough to try a 10 minute run. I did it and felt good. Definitely was not all the way there, but that quick run showed me it wasn’t going to get any worse.

So I kept building my foot back up day by day and prolonging my runs. It was SO hard for me to run slow. But I did it. Before I knew it, I was able to run a slow paced 5k on the treadmill. I became determined to run this race. I knew I would not get the time that I hoped for, so I had to set a new (realistic) goal. To get no more than 30 minutes and to finish without making my foot worse. So the day before I was prepared. I went to get my packet the night before and to look at the setup they had promoting the race.


 There was an expo promoting the race complete with a store, booths, pictures and packet pickup for the race. 

It was a lot of fun and made me more excited about running the next day.


 Me with my packet, standing next to a map of the course.


 Before I knew it, it was time to wake up before the sun and get ready for the race! How I love being nervous on race day mornings.

Did I mention the weather was 33 degrees out and snowing? Definitely did not picture this when I signed up for it back in January. Spring please?!

Patiently waiting to start the race. It is hard to see, but on my right foot I have a black brace on for my sprained foot. 


 And then we were off! I sprinted to the front of the line. I always do this to get away from the majority of people. Within the 1st half mile, my foot started hurting. I thought, I will not be able to run this! But then, I asked myself how my positioning was and my posture. I re-adjusted my foot placement and the pain went away. I’m ok, I can do this. From then on, it was pure enjoyment.


I was referring to my gps on my phone and before I knew it, was already at 2.5 miles. I saw my boyfriend who was cheering me on. I would wave to the supporters who braved the snow and say thank you to them and they cheered back for me. I was so happy to be running again. To be in my state of mind and doing what I love most. I kept a smile on my face the whole time (well, almost!) and was enjoying every second. 

I turned a corner and there it was, the finish line. I started sprinting my heart out. I knew I would beat my 30 minute goal, but by how much?

I clocked in at 25:43. WOW. I did it! I was ecstatic. I blew my goal away and was close to the previous times I had last summer when I raced.


  Even with a sprained foot and not being able to run for over 4 weeks, I did it. I guess I still had it in me.

I was so happy because taking care of my sprain, helped me to run. 


My official stats of the race:

9th place out of 141 for my age group 

36th place OVERALL out of 821


 I now cannot wait for my future races. My next one is in May and will be a 25k (15miles). I am terrified. The farthest I have ever ran was 13 miles (half marathon).

I am a speed runner so learning how to run distance is a challenge. This is especially hard with not wanting to irritate my foot anymore. 

But one thing is for sure. Hard work, being patient and listening to your body pays off. I am so thankful to have ran and proud of myself for my accomplishment!


If you have any questions about where I got my gear, shoes, what my diet is, how I train, etc. Please comment or send me an e-mail at [email protected]


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