*Valentine Gift Basket*


 I wanted to do something for my Mom and Sister for Valentine’s Day. Something thoughtful, instead of buying the typical gift card. Valentine’s is showing how much you care for someone and I feel with these gift baskets shows just that. I went to The Dollar Tree and bought pink baskets, a pack of cellophane (which had 2 bags in it) and 2 bags of “shredded paper.” Total cost there: $5.00. I then went shopping and bought small gifts that fit my sister and Mom’s personalities and items I knew they would like and use. I stuck to a budget for each person, so I wouldn’t go overboard…which was hard to do! At first you wonder what can I buy? But once I got started, it was hard to stop!

When I got home, I scattered the shredded paper into the baskets and filled them with the goodies. I then placed them into the cellophane bags and was done! I loved using the basket and bag idea, because I did not want to wrap each individual item which is too time consuming. They can also re-use the basket for a shower caddie or organizing.  They loved these baskets and could see the effort I put into their gifts. This is such a good idea for any Holiday, occasion, just because, if you’re sick, college student, in the hospital, having a baby, Birthday, Anniversary, etc! This is a fun gift to give and shop for!

The selection of goodies I bought to fill the basket withThe pink basket and “shredded paper” from The Dollar Tree

I filled the basket with the paper…..my kitty was trying to play with it!

I then arranged the gifts in the basket 

This was the second basket I filled up with goodies 

The baskets wrapped with the cellophane and all ready to give!

What You Need:

  • Baskets (Could also use: Pails, Containers, Boxes, etc.)
  • 1 bag for each basket of “shredded paper”
  • Cellophane (The Dollar Tree had 2 in a pack with different colors to choose from)
  • Small goodies to fill up the basket

How To Make:

  1. Spread the shredded paper into the bottom of the basket
  2. Fill with your goodies
  3. Place basket into a cellophane bag and tie 
  4. Enjoy giving your thoughtful gift!


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