*Spray Painted Pumpkin*

spray paint ideas

To add to my amateur pumpkin projects, I decided to spray paint one. I found leaf stencils, cut them out and spray painted my pumpkin. It turned out not too bad for my 1st try! It was a very easy project and added that extra touch to my Thanksgiving/fall decorations. 

spray paint pumpkin

My supplies

pumpkin crafts

I taped the back side of the leaf stencil 

leave spray paint pumpkin

I then placed the stencils on the pumpkin 

pumpkin project

pumpkin spray paint

I went outside to spray paint the pumpkin

spray painted pumpkin

I spray painted covering the stencils

how to spray paint a pumpkin

I applied 2 coats of white spray paint

pumpkin thanksgiving

I let the spray paint dry and removed the stencils

pinterest pumpkin

The final result of my first attempt at spray painting a pumpkin!

spray paint ideas


  • Spray Paint
  • Pumpkin
  • Tape
  • Stencils
  • Scissors


  1. Print and cut out stencils
  2. Tape stencils onto the pumpkin 
  3. In a well venalated area, spray paint the pumpkin
  4. Let dry
  5. Remove stencils


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