*Halloween Jars*


I came up with a last minute Halloween idea to set the mood. I found these adorable Halloween printables and wanted to use them. I got the chance when the light-bulb went off as I was throwing some glass jars into the recycle. I would modge podge the printables onto the jars. To make them look more festive, I would also spray paint them. So I got out my “Halloween colored” spray paint and painted a couple jars. After they were dry, I cut out the printables and modge podged them onto the glass. I let dry and they were done. I also made a ghost face on one of them using a black sharpie marker. I placed a couple in the guest bathroom and on the kitchen counter-top  These are really cute and you can add tea-lights in them and light them up!

modge podge halloween craft

My supplies: Modge Podge, some printables, spray paint and a brush

halloween projects

The black jar I spray painted

Halloween home decor projects

I first applied the modge podge onto the back of the paper

halloween crafts

I then pressed it onto the jar and topped it with a second coat of glue

easy halloween crafts

The purple glass jar. I left the labels on because I would be covering them up anyway 

halloween do it yourself crafts

Waiting for the modge podge to dry

cheap halloween crafts

The white spray painted jar with a black sharpie 

halloween home decor

The ghost face I made

halloween craft ideas

All my jars completed. The purple one has a handful of glow sticks in it

how to make halloween crafts

I made a sign and displayed it in the ghost jar

halloween mason jars

mason jars for halloween


  • Leftover glass jars, metal cans
  • Modge Podge
  • Painting brush/sponge
  • Printables (click link)
  • Spray paint (colors of your choice)
  • Scissors
  • Black sharpie marker 
  • Spray paint your jars/cans and let dry in a well venalated area
  • Take your brush and apply modge podge to the back of the printable paper
  • Press onto jar and top with another coat of modge podge, let dry
  • If you are making a ghost, spray paint your jar white and use a black sharpie marker to make a spooky face


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