*Rat Coffin*


 I have been a decorating nut for this upcoming Halloween. My mission: to make the best Halloween decorations for the cheapest price. On my third shopping trip to Michael’s for the week (there is always one more thing I need) I picked up a wooden coffin for $0.99. I thought this would be an easy project to paint the coffin and put something scary inside. When I was at the Dollar Tree, I found a pack of three rats which would fit perfect inside the coffin. I completed this project in a half hour. The total cost was $2.00! All I did was paint the coffin, let dry and put the rats inside. I now have a scary Halloween decoration that adds just a touch more detail to my collection!

dollar halloween decor

The $0.99 wooden coffin from Michael’s

wooden coffin

My supplies

painting wood

Painting the coffin

painting wood with acrylic paint

Inside and out

black wooden coffin

All done and all black

painted wood coffin

Dollar Tree Halloween Rats

The pack of three rats I found at the Dollar Tree

Halloween decorations

My confetti to put in the coffin with the rats

Rat coffin for halloween

 The final result…creepy rats crawling out of a coffin

coffin decoration

Total Cost of this project: $2.00!



  • Use the black acrylic paint to paint the coffin 
  • Let dry
  • Add confetti or alternative flare inside the coffin
  • Place the three rats inside coffin
  • Display



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