How to check your hotel room for bed bugs Infographic

How to check your hotel room for bed bugs Infographic

Bedbugs are a problem that increases during the warm months of the year but in countries with a tropical weather the presence of these insects is a permanent concern.

Additionally, the rise of international travel has contributed to spread bedbugs. They can get in your clothes or luggage and travel back home with you!

Thankfully, Pest Control experts Rentokil has created a 5-step guide to help you preventing this hazard and comeback home bedbug free.

Once you arrive to the hotel, start looking along and under the mattress, don’t forget to check in the sofas and inside cabinets, and of course, try to keep your luggage away from wood cabinets and beds until you make sure that there are no bedbugs in your room.

You should look for shed skin, blood smears, live bedbugs or even bedbug’s eggs. I know it doesn’t sound appealing but take a look and learn how to avoid them:

Rentokil bed bugs checking infographic

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